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Sales Gala Night 2020

Community Creators Inc. (CCI), the real estate company behind the development of Amiya Raya Highland Homes, recently hosted a Gala Night for its in-house sales team. The event held on 22 February at the Columbus Hall of Discovery Suites Ortigas in Pasig City was a night of celebration and appreciation for top-performing sellers of Amiya Raya for the year 2019.

Recognized during the event are Ms. Jocelyn Liberato, Annual Awardee for Top Sales Manager, and Ms. Agnes Stott-Briggs, Annual Awardee for Top Property Consultant.

Other awardees are:

2nd Annual Top Sales Manager – Mr. James Edward Luke Dacula

3rd Annual Top Sales Manager – Mr. Peter Andrew Khaw

2nd Annual Top Property Consultant – Mr. Peter Chua

3rd Annual Top Property Consultant – Mr. Michael Abejero

2nd Quarter Incentive Awardees – Mr. Peter Chua (Property Consultant) and Ms. Agnes Stott-Briggs (Property Consultant)

3rd Quarter Incentive Awardees: Ms. Jocelyn Liberato (Sales Manager) and Ms. Agnes Stott-Briggs (Property Consultant)

Special recognition for Quality Accounts Producer was also given to team members who met the required number of booked sales and with the lowest rate of cancellation: Ms. Jocelyn Liberato (Sales Manager), Mr. James Edward Luke Dacula (Sales Manager), Ms. Agnes Stott-Briggs (Property Consultant), Ms. Babylyn Lacostales (Property Consultant), and Mr. Peter Chua (Property Consultant).

President of CCI, Ms. Ma. Charina Garcia capped the event with an inspirational message for the sales team: Dream big. Have grit. Be relentless. Indeed, the year 2020 promises to be a big year for Amiya Raya as it gears up to hit its first billion in reservation sales.

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