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CAPTURED: Amiya Raya Photography Contest

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

Capture the sights and take your best shot!

Celebrate World Photography Day at Amiya Raya and join us for a 2-hour fun discussion on the history, art, and craft of photography, happening on August 19, 2023 from 9am-11am. This day will also mark the commencement of CAPTURED: Amiya Raya Photography Contest.


· Take your best shot from Aug 12-Sep 3, 2023 (Saturdays and Sundays only)

· Submission of entries is from Aug 19-Sep 5, 2023

· Announcement of winners: Sep 9, 2023

· There will be three (3) winners per category: CONVENTIONAL and DIGITAL/MOBILE

Read the full mechanics below.


The qualities that make a good photographer are "the Gift of Creativity" and "Imagination" that both CAPTURE his audience's hearts. The audience is won over by the photographer's excitement for showcasing his love of photography.

Situated 240 meters above sea level, Amiya Raya is blessed to enjoy magnificent views all-year round and would like to open this serene exclusivity through this competition. Amiya Raya encourages photography enthusiasts to travel to Amiya Raya and use it as their platform to capture and share to viewers that life is indeed more lovely at the top.

Participants may submit photos and images taken in Amiya Raya between August 8 to September 3, 2023. Photos should showcase the stunning views of Amiya Raya and locations and subjects within Amiya Raya, with no manipulated subjects.

In its sole discretion, the management of Amiya Raya maintains the right to disqualify any entry that does not follow the theme.


The photography contest will accept entries from August 19 through September 5, 2023, and winners will be announced on September 9 through Amiya Raya’s official website and social media pages.


1. Participants must be 18 years of age or older.

2. Both amateur and professional photographers are welcome to participate.

3. Amiya Raya management, property owners and their relatives are welcome to participate.


1. CONVENTIONAL. Photos shot with any classic or conventional camera, including Single Lens Reflex (SLR) or Digital SLR, compact cameras, and the like, fall under this category.

2. MOBILE. This category includes images captured with any mobile application on smartphones, tablets, drone-mounted cameras, or action cameras.


1. Only one entry per category may be submitted by each participant.

2. All entries must be submitted in full color for both the Conventional and Mobile Photography categories. Photos that are sepia or black and white will not be accepted.

3. Participants must register online through the link found in Amiya Raya’s official website and social. By clicking on the link and submitting the online registration form, participants consent to the use of their personal identifiable data (PID) as provided in the form.

Participants will be asked for the following during registration:

· Full Name

· Age

· Photo of ID (jpeg format)

· Complete Address

· Mobile No.

· Social Media Account Names (Facebook-required, Instagram-optional)

· Data Privacy Consent

· Waiver on Ownership of Photographs

Only registered participants that have been acknowledged via email will be allowed entry to the development. Other submission methods will not be accepted and will be automatically disqualified.

4. Participants must like Amiya Raya’s official social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Tiktok to enable the organizer to tag them in their entries.

5. Amiya Raya will be open only to registered participants, every weekend (Saturdays and Sundays only) from August 19 to September 3, 2023, from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM only. Please have a current government ID with you when you enter the premises.

For the security and safety of all stakeholders, including the participants, only selected areas of development are accessible to take photos. These areas will be marked by signages for easy identification.

· Kala Commons

· Araucaria Street

· Club Vihara

· Rotonda at the end of Amiya Main

Participants may bring companions but should inform the Amiya Raya management before their intended visit by sending a message through or an email to

6. Participants should email with their entry or entries. Participants are required to make sure that they only submit their final photo entry(s) once their registration has been confirmed. Only entries submitted via the above email will be accepted. A participant is also prohibited from sending entries using more than one email address. The competition will disqualify any participant who submits entries using several or separate e-mail addresses.

7. An image or photo with a corresponding “Photo Title” and “Photo Caption” is required as the submission. The photo's subject must be accurately described in the caption.

8. The deadline for submission of entries is Sept 5, 2023, at 5:00 PM. Entries submitted beyond the designated deadline will automatically be rejected.

9. If the image contains any elements or materials that are not the participant's property, or if any people appear in the photo (i.e., the subject of the photo), the contestant is responsible for obtaining official approval from the involved parties prior to submission of the entry. In no way will the organizer or management of Amiya Raya be held responsible or accountable for the contestant's failure to obtain the required authorization or consent for their submitted entries. Any entry that may have contained plagiarism is automatically dismissed. Participants' plagiarism is not the responsibility of organizer or management of Amiya Raya.


1. The image must be in JPG (.JPG) format and in landscape (horizontal) orientation with the following resolutions: 300dpi, 3600 x 5400 pixels.

2. Photos to be submitted should have no watermark. There should be no identifying mark on the images to eliminate any bias during judging of the submitted photos.

3. Entries should be the participant’s original work and taken solely for the Amiya Raya Photography Contest. The following photos or images are disqualified:

· Any copyrighted material and those that infringe on someone's privacy, among other rights.

· Those where anyone else has any rights, titles, claims, or interests in the images, and they do not violate any third party's copyrights, trademarks, or intellectual property rights.

· Those with pornographic, sexually explicit, rude, or otherwise unacceptable material.

· Those of prominent figures or images with messages that are obviously political.

· Those that have been digitally edited or manipulated for artistic purposes will not be accepted by AMIYA RAYA. The term "altered images" refers to photos that have been edited and given special effects (such as colorizing, toning, collage, photo composites, stitched panoramas, or high dynamic range, or HDR, images). Only modest alterations to the color, sharpness, contrast, or removal of small details are permitted.


The entries in both Conventional and Mobile categories shall be judged based on the following criteria:

· Relevance to the theme 40%

· Creativity and Originality 30%

· Composition/Technique 20%

· Overall/“Wow” Impact 10%

There will also be a special award for “People’s Choice”.

The decision of the judges is final and are not subject to appeal.


1. The submitted photos shall be pre-screened by the ARPC committee based on the given criteria via individual scoring sheet on September 6. The average scores per photo shall be tallied and the Top 10 from each category shall be considered the finalists. From the top 10 photos, the judges will choose their Top 3 (also via another individual scoring sheet) on September 9. The formal announcement of the winners will take place at Club Vihara in Amiya Raya, San Mateo, Rizal. The winners will be featured on the official Amiya Raya social media pages and press releases.

2. People’s Choice Award shall be based on the number of ‘likes’ that the entry receives in the Amiya Raya Official Facebook page ( from September 7 to September 8, 2023.

3. The printing and framing of the finalist’s entries will be handled and borne by Amiya Raya.


· First Prize: P 10,000.00 + P2,000 Club Vihara vouchers

· Second Prize: P 5,000.00 + P1,000 Club Vihara vouchers

· Third Prize: P 2,000.00 + P1,000 Club Vihara vouchers

· Special Award: P2,000 Club Vihara vouchers


1. For the duration of the competition, AMIYA RAYA shall have the only right to utilize all photo entries from the Conventional and Mobile categories in Amiya Raya collaterals and communication materials. This means that the winning entries’ owners are only permitted to use the image in their professional portfolio and cannot resell it.

2. The photo entries may only be used, produced, or reproduced with permission from Amiya Raya. Without further payment to the artist, his or her heirs, or assignees, Amiya Raya may use the photos for any reason it may deem appropriate.

3. By submitting their entries to the Amiya Raya Photography Contest 2023, all contest participants agree to release, discharge, and hold Amiya Raya and its employees, officers, directors, and representatives harmless of any claims, losses and damages arising out of their participation in this contest.

4. Amiya Raya has the right to verify the validity and originality of any submitted photo entry and/or details about the contest participant (including the participant’s identity and other personal details). Amiya Raya also reserves the right to disqualify any contest participant who submits an entry that is not in accordance with the contest’s Official Rule or who tampers with the entry process.

5. By joining this competition, the contest participants agree that their personal data may be used by Amiya Raya for purpose of announcing to the general public updates on the outcome of this contest, as well as for other PR and communication materials of Amiya Raya. The contest participants also agree that Amiya Raya may opt to upload in its official website a gallery of photos that will be submitted for this contest.

For more information about Amiya Raya Photography Contest 2023, you may message directly to AMIYA RAYA official Facebook account.

Click here to register.

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