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Amiya Raya. A home that matches the life you have always dreamed of and designed for your family.

The moment you reach its gates, you will know you have arrived.


A 36-hectare master-planned resort community enveloped by nature, Amiya Raya is a place where you can invest in your dreams and wake up every day seeing them all come true.


Imagine a place where spending precious time with the family is not reserved exclusively for long weekends or holidays. Take them on cozy picnics on vast open spaces, or a day of adventure at San Mateo’s first nature park. Enjoy a 270-degree panoramic view of nature’s masterpieces. Watch the shimmering waters of Laguna de Bay and La Mesa Dam. Bask in the warmth of the sun as it rises from the peaks of nearby mountain ranges. Witness the sky display stunning colors as the sun sets over Manila Bay. Gaze at the scenic city skyline that seems to mirror a starry night.


At Amiya Raya, experience all these without having to maneuver through endless traffic in the metropolitan area. Only 15 minutes away from the city, it is the perfect haven for those aspiring for a sanctuary that lets them take a breather from the daily rigors of work, but one that is also close enough to enjoy the modern comforts and conveniences of the city.


Raise your family where the standards are high. Have the life you always dreamed of and designed for your family. Where you can live content, knowing you’ve made the right choices in your life. In a place, you can call your own.


It is time to live it up. Come home to Amiya Raya.

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