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Our Brand Story

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

Amiya Raya is evolving. More than just a change of colors, we are redefining who we are to make Amiya Raya a distinct brand in mountainside living. Here is our brand story.

Our Name

In Hindu-Sanskrit, Amiya Raya means a view that delights the senses. Its stunning mountain views, hushed atmosphere, and immense green surroundings are enough to engage the senses and lift the spirits.

Our Logo

The dark green color represents Amiya Raya's brand promise of life at one with nature. The development embraces nature as its prime offering – from the tropical forest surrounding it to the vast verdant spaces within, to its panoramic mountainside vistas and atmosphere.

The bright gold color represents the prestige of living in Amiya Raya. It signifies a high-end, elevated lifestyle for its homeowners. After all, the trademark of living in the highland is the acclaim of residing in an exclusive community with natural beauty enjoyed from one's backyard, generous open spaces, and luxurious amenities.

The sun represents the light and vibrancy that living in Amiya Raya brings. Stunning panoramic views of mountain ranges and cityscapes characterize everyday life in Amiya Raya, from sunrise to sundown. Additionally, the icon designed akin to a flower symbolizes a life of constant growth and new beginnings.

The font used for the text speaks of the brand's promise of prestige and lavish living in mind. Think of an exclusive and coveted neighborhood. The type's simple solid verticals with serif (tail) motifs evoke a feeling of friendliness with a tinge of upscale formality.

Our Tagline

They say life is lonely at the top. This tagline was crafted to say otherwise, that life at Amiya Raya is symbolic of a beautiful life. Those who have long dreamed of a life on top can only say, I deserve this.

An exclusive residential enclave, Amiya Raya's unique value proposition is encapsulated in its tagline Life is More Beautiful at the Top. This highland community offers a coveted lifestyle experienced only in highland developments - a more refreshing climate, therapeutic scenery viewed only from the top, and the property's high-value potential. Best of all, it's proximity to Quezon City proves Amiya Raya to be a more practical choice for those looking for their first home that doubles as an urban escape.

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