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Hillside Villas by Amiya Raya

Amiya Raya Highland Homes recently introduced its Hillside Villas, a collection of homes that showcases the beauty of living on the mountainside. While hillside homes may be ideal as a mountainside retreat, the contemporary and modern design built into each Hillside Villa make them perfect for every day vacation-like living.

The Hillside Villas form multi-level structures whose unique designs allow each one to adapt to the natural gentle slopes of the ground. This design enhances the use of ground space and provides the house with unusual yet remarkable visual perspectives.

Each villa presents an unassuming facade that one would never guess the strikingly different rear and tremendous amounts of livable space supplied by three or four levels of luxurious living spaces. Each one has a master suite and 3 to 4 spacious family bedrooms, and exclusive home amenities unique to each home - it may be a pool, an outdoor recreation area, a courtyard, or a family room. The use of expansive bay windows and balconies also offers plenty of natural light and spectacular views that allow one to embrace the surrounding landscapes.

Community Creators, Inc., the developer of Amiya Raya, will be offering only 5 of these unique homes, each one exclusively designed for Amiya Raya by MET Architectural Designs. The first Hillside Villa is set to break ground this coming November.

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