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Featured Post: Connecting With Nature In The Time Of Covid-19

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

Source: Curwood, S. (8 April 2020) Living on Earth, from

Self-isolating and social distancing are crucial steps to preventing the spread of the novel coronavirus. In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, we willingly do our part and stay at home. Richard Louv, who has authored nearly a dozen books about connecting with nature, talks to Living on Earth's Steve Curwood about the benefits of connecting with nature and how it is still possible during this strange and difficult time.

Go out the door and take a walk. Walking outside and basking in the sunlight not only help with physical health but also with building immunity and reducing stress for better mental health.

Live(n) it up! Have a picnic in the garden or set up an outdoor cinema. You may not be able to go out to eat or to watch a theater but you can still beat the boredom of staying in by doing the usual things a bit unusual.

Connect with animals. Pets, whether these are dogs or cats, or some other species, provide companionship that may offset the downside of social distancing.

Find a special place in nature. Find a "sit spot" in your backyard and pretty soon you will notice that you're not alone. The realization that there’s a lot of life around us reduces the sense of isolation that months of sequestering has made us feel.

Bring the outside in. Not everyone can go out and connect to nature physically, but you can still do so by finding a “window view” and watch life outside that window - watch the birds, the trees, the clouds passing by, or the sun rising and setting. Nature views are designed to induce our feelings of deep relaxation and awe and vitality.

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